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Hello, 'Net Denizens!

Welcome to my home on the web, where you can find out a little about me and what I do on the Net.

A Brief Bio:

My real name is Victor Daniel, and I recently graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. I was in Temple's School of Business and Management majoring in Computer and Information Science and graduated in May 2001.

To find out more about my professional experience, check out my Resume. To see the list of websites I've found most interesting or useful, go to the Links page. To find out more about the mailing list I run about the office application AppleWorks (known as ClarisWorks in its older versions) go to the ClarisWorks/AppleWorks Email List page. Also check out my Photo Albums - photos of significant events in the lives of myself and my family.

Last April, I started a new side project-a superhero sci-fi webcomic called The Vanguard which is updated every week on either Thursday or Friday. If you like superhero or sci-fi webcomics, check it out, you may like the combination I came up with.