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My Favourite Search Engines

Direct links to my three favourite search engines from right here.
Google Search
Alta Vista


Macintosh Related:

As my user name indicates, I am a Macintosh enthusiast. I have a Power Macintosh G3 at home, and the Macintosh Web sites below have helped me to make the most of it:

Apple Computer
The main maker of my favorite computer system. They now have an online store where you can get a new Mac built to order, now with world's fastest processors! Their site is also a good start for Internet resources on the Macintosh.

Why Macintosh?
Why choose a Macintosh instead a PC? The following three links will help you decide in the Mac's favor, and give you ammunition in the Mac vs. PC debate.
Why Stimulus Chose Apple
Why the group of Artists, Programmers, Web Developers and Writers called the Stimulus Group chose to go with the Macintosh.

Go Mac!
Articles, Research Studies, and Personal Testimonials on the superior machine that is the Macintosh.

Mac vs. PC
Looking for proof the the Macintosh is a better choice for your home, business or school than a PC running Windows? Then this site is for you. It provides studies backed by hard data showing that people tend to be more productive and less frustrated using a Mac for daily work and play, and that the Mac is a more reliable machine overall. It even provides some insight as to why school and business IT departments resist buying Macs (hint: think "job security"..)

The ULTIMATE Macintosh
This site is an index to Web pages of such places as sites of Mac shareware and freeware, various game pages, home pages of Mac software and hardware makers, and the like.

The MacInTouch Home Page
A Macintosh-related news page, annoucing the latest software and hardware releases for the Mac and Apple corporate news, among other things. This page is updated daily.

The MacResource Page
Another Macintosh news and information page, with links to various Mac software updates.

Apple's Technical Support Online
Apple Computer's main source of free technical support. A comprehensive site, with FAQ lists, software updates, product information, and even a discussion area, covering all Apple-produced hardware and software.

Get Your Compact Mac on the Web
Do you have a Mac SE, SE/30, Classic or one of the other older "compact" Macs? This website gives detailed instructions on getting these 10+ year old Macs to surf the Web.

Low End Mac
Do you have a Quadra, Centris, or Non-PowerPC Performa that you're still putting to good use? You're not alone! The Low End Mac is dedicated to showing how to get the most out of these veteran Macs, and to showing the longevity of a Macintosh.

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Mac Shareware and Freeware Sites:
One of the most extensive sites of Macintosh shareware and freeware on the Web, with a searchable index to speed up your search for a particular piece of software.

ChezMark's Mac Picks
The week's best Macintosh shareware and freeware-a good place to go if you're wondering whether a piece of shareware is worth trying.

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Online Magazines:
C|net Magazine
The premier online publication covering all computer platforms, developments in the computer industry, and all things Internet, including the major online services.

A free email and web newsletter covering the Macintosh and the Internet. Includes software reviews, explanations of Internet technology and how-to articles (most recently, an article on the Mac OS's new file-finding program, Sherlock-check out the article archives).

Mac users can check out the online versions of these popular Macintosh magazines:
MacHome Journal

Check out the online versions of these popular newsmagazines:
TIME Magazine
US News


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Games Related Pages:
The GamesDomain Page
A comprehensive reference on almost every computer and arcade game now out on the market, including lists of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the ins and outs of every game listed.

Unreal Tournament
A very cool and very addictive first-person shooter, where you can play Capture The Flag, Domination, and even a pure DeathMatch where you simply kill everyone until you're the last one standing. Check out this site to find out more and to get a demo of the game.

The Escape Velocity Page
My newest obsession is the space-based game Escape Velocity from Ambrosia Software. Check out the above page and the Ambrosia page to find out why I find this game to be so addictingly cool.

CRS Liberty
A major website devoted to the popular game X-Wing, a Star Wars-related space combat simulator. The site gives tips, tricks and hints on getting through the game, along with custom missions, utilites and more.

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Pages of Interest:

Omega Homepage.
A collection of stories created in the fictional Omega universe, where super-powered beings and normal people try to live together. Stories feature super-teams and individuals, sometimes fighting crime, at other times just trying to get by in a world that isn't very comfortable with their existence.

For further super-being type stories set in other universes, check out the rec.arts.comics.creative newsgroup.

Uncanny X-Page,
THE definitive page for all websurfers who are fans of Marvel Comics' merry mutants. Contains links to image archives, fanfiction, even a full preview of Generation X #1, the first issue of the adventures of the latest batch of mutant trainees.

Star Trek Archive
A comprehensive and visually stunning index to every Star Trek resource out there, including images, fanfiction and episode summaries for all four Trek series.

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Practical Pages:
HTML Goodies
Just about everything HTML-related for the aspiring Web designer. From basic HTML to CSS styles to Javascripting, Java applets, ASP and XML. If you've always wanted to design your own Web page but didn't know how, this site will give you a lot of help.

Finance and Investing on About.Com
Looking for answers to personal finance questions? For information on everything from investments to mortgages, from life-insurance to no-fee credit cards, check out this site. Features include current articles, bulletin boards and a chat room.

CNN Online
One of the best online news sites on the Internet. Includes local news, world news, financial news and sports.

Small Business Administration Home Page
If you're looking for information on starting or running a business, the government's Small Business Administration site has many of the answers you will need.

The Monster Job Board
The Internet is quickly becoming another resource for job hunters, and this site is one of the more extensive, listing a great variety of jobs in several fields available around the world.

Don't know jack about the stock market, or even what stocks and bonds are? This site will give a good basic education about what the stock market is and how it works, what stocks are, even giving a general guide about picking good companies to invest in, and how to invest in stocks.

The Motley Fool
Check out this site for advice and strategies on investing in the stock market for the long term.

The Weather Channel
Use this site to check daily weather for any city in the United States, or the world, for that matter. An alternative weather site to check is Yahoo's for contrast. Yahoo's weather site is less graphics intensive and therefore loads a little faster.

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